A lecturer calls his students “quasi-morons”

Students “quasi-stupid”, “mediocre” and even “fraudsters”. In an internal email addressed to staff at the University of Western Brittany (UBO) in Brest, a lecturer in law, economics and management took out the sulphate. In this text, which has leaked from the students, he severely criticizes the Pari plan (Program of adjustments for the resumption of investments) established within the UBO, “a priority university area” which “is not worth a rabbit fart ”.

He wonders in particular about the credibility of the establishment “which” amnesties “many students who have defrauded the distance exams of the 2020-2021 academic year”. In February, this teacher thus indicates having alerted the management of the UBO, believing that there was “mass fraud”. Allegations which had earned him disciplinary proceedings “unlike the fraudulent students themselves”, he denounces bitterly. He finally drives the point home by qualifying the students as “a great auditorate, almost morons for some who do not know how to understand the meaning of a simple text and dawdle while reading”.

“These words are a shame”, indignant a student union

For the student union An alternative for the UBO, which revealed the affair on Saturday on social networks, “these remarks are a shame and of extreme violence and condescension vis-à-vis students and all teachers and staff ”of the university.

The union deplores in passing “the silence of the presidency of the university” and demands that “rapid sanctions be taken against this teacher”. Contacted by The Telegram this weekend, Matthieu Gallou, president of the UBO, indicated that the case was “under investigation” and did not wish to make more comments.

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