A major technical shock.. The exposure of the true religion (to Marwa Hammad), the wife of the founder of Al-Jana TV channel Khaled Miqdad, who hid it from everyone and kept it a secret until this day.!!

Who is Marwa Hammad? How old is Marwa Hammad, Khaled Miqdad’s wife? Information about her and her personal life. Is Marwa Hammad pregnant at the moment of birth?

Marwa Hammad’s birth, her upbringing, her family, her marriage, many secrets about her life that she knows for the first time, and she has new photos albums.

Who is Marwa Hammad?
English name: marwa hammad.

Marwa Hammad’s date of birth is in 2020: 1979, 41 years old.

Birthplace: I was born in Kuwait.

Nationality of Marwa Hammad: Kuwait.

Marwa Hammad’s religion: Muslim.

Marwa Hammad and her husband: She is married to Al-Waleed Qadar.

Marwa Hammad’s weight: 60 kg.

Marwa Hammad’s height: 160 cm.

Astrological sign: Unknown.

Academic qualification: university.

She started her artistic career: She started her artistic career in 1998.

How old is Marwa Hammad, Khaled Miqdad’s wife?
One of the famous social media and television is the wife of Khaled Miqdad, director of the Birds of Paradise channel, she is forty-one years old in 2020, and she also works as a director on the Birds of Paradise channel.

This director has received a lot of attention, as she is the wife of the director of the Birds of Paradise channel, and she is 41 years old until now, and despite her great age, she was pregnant with her last children.

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