A man has been lost at sea in Iquique for a week: his wife continues her incessant search | National

On November 19, the family from Iquica was out for a walk when they lost track of Alan Beltrán, husband, father of three girls and a baby on the way. More than a week after his disappearance, his wife is tirelessly looking for him.

This Sunday marked eight days since Alan Beltrana father and husband who was on a walk with his family at Playa Brava in the city of Iquique, was lost at sea on November 19.

Since that same night, his wife, Lissette Utrerasstarted a series of campaigns through social networks to find her husband.

I need all your help with my broken heart. Alan was lost at sea at 5:30 p.m. and hasn’t turned up so far., the Navy will search for him only until the sun goes down and they will continue tomorrow, please pray for him to be able to find him. I’m too worried,” the woman reported during the first day of searching.

As the days went by, helpers, implements, and monetary contributions were added to pay for tools and vehicles that would facilitate the discovery.

Never in my life have I loved a person as much as I love you Alan, you swore to me that you would never leave us alone. Come soon, I’ll be waiting for you all my life if necessary”, Lissette shared on the second day.

Tireless search to find Alan in the sea of ​​Iquique

The story touched the hearts of many families from Iquica who have joined the search, it reached the media and struck a chord throughout Chile.

Finally, a week after her disappearance, Lissette has not given up. She is steadfast in the incessant search for her and courageously keeps the entire community informed about the contributions that arrive, the help she receives and how she can continue to support her case.

“The Navy with boats; small plane; drones and motorcycle; a sports club of specialist divers; fishermen; area divers; people with drones There are many nameless people helping me from day one (…) Look at all the people who are helping me without asking me for anything in return, who risk their lives day and night to find my Alan,” Lissete told The Antofagasta Newspaper.

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