A mayor of Aguascalientes, in the crosshairs of the INE: they are investigating her for appearing in a Netflix tape

María Teresa Jiménez Esquivel will be investigated by the INE (Photo: Facebook / @TereJimenezAgs)

The Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF) ordered the National Electoral Institute (INE) to investigate Maria Teresa Jiménez Esquivel, current mayor of Aguascalientes, for her alleged responsibility of incurring a personalized promotion when appearing in the movie Dad Wanted, feature film that is broadcast on the streaming platform Netflix.

According to the Citizen Movement (MC), the political party responsible for promoting the complaint before the electoral authority, the member of the National Action Party (PAN) she could be promoting herself as a candidate for deputy for the upcoming elections by appearing in the film for ten seconds waving the town hall flag.

Likewise, They state that the credits of the film acknowledge the financial support provided by the municipality for its realization, so it could be incurring in personalized promotion, anticipated pre-campaign acts and use of public resources.

María Teresa Jiménez Esquivel is a member of the PAN (Photo: Facebook / @TereJimenezAgs)

María Teresa Jiménez Esquivel is a member of the PAN (Photo: Facebook / @TereJimenezAgs)

This case reached the federal court because the local Aguascalientes Board of the INE declared itself incompetent to investigate and handle the case. For such reason that the TEPJF considered that the Electoral Contentious Unit is competent to carry out the relevant investigation.

As determined by the court, matters related to MC’s complaint will be investigated and the improper hiring of the media will be added.

Dr. Jiménez Esquivel has already been a blue and white deputy representing District 2 of Aguascalientes. As consulted in the Legislative Information System, she was secretary of the commissions for Strengthening Federalism and the Center for Social Studies, Public Opinion and to follow up on the regularization of urban lots in the metropolitan areas of the country from the Chamber of Deputies in the Palace of San Lázaro until 2015.

Netflix offices (Photo: EFE)

Netflix offices (Photo: EFE)

Dad Wanted is a Mexican film of the comedy genre that is suitable for all ages. Page of tomatazos.com He describes it as “a film that explores the chemistry between its protagonists while making its viewers laugh and fills them with endearing moments through the story of Blanca, a very clever 12-year-old girl who is not willing to take a no-as reply. So the moment her mother forbids her to enter an extreme cycling competition, Blanca starts to analyze her options and decides to hire an actor to act as her father and thus be able to carry out her wishes.

And although it was not received by critics as a film of excellence, Netflix promotes it as a film that can bring the whole family together in one weekend.

Although the Mexican film has more than one story to tell, they just don’t seem to do justice to the story arc.”Expressed Chaitra Krishnamurthy in Meaww.

Political parties (Illustration: Steve Allen)

Political parties (Illustration: Steve Allen)

If what MC caused is true, this would contribute to the blue and white political agenda, how to go in coalition with the PRI and PRD to compete with Morena in the upcoming elections to be held in 2021. Where 15 governorships will be elected and the entire Chamber of Deputies will be renewed.

The coalition strategy is known because Marko Cortés, president of the National Action Party (PAN); Jesús Zambrano, president of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (FART); and Alejandro Moreno, President of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) attended and signed the points of the agenda proposed by Sí por México, an organization led by businessmen Claudio X. González and Gustavo de Hoyos.


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