A mental health consultant offers tips to reduce harassment in society

Hind Al-Banna, a mental health and family relations consultant, gave several tips to reduce the phenomenon of harassment of women, who fall victim to harassment.

Al-Banna said, in her interview with the media, Sally Abdel Salam, presenter of the True Story program, which is broadcast on the first screen of the Egyptian TV, this evening, that: “A warning to every girl and limit your relations with the people around you,” adding that: “I do not talk about my personal life nor I listen to anyone I don’t know and I don’t allow anyone to talk to you in your personal life and don’t talk to anyone about their personal life, especially at the beginning of any relationship.”

And the mental health and family relations consultant continued: “You are afraid if you are subjected to any harassment or blackmail, and you have to know that the character of the harasser is weak,” noting that there should be no silence or fear, because fear and silence are among the most important reasons for increasing harassment and must be confronted intelligently.

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