A missing mother, Khamis Mushait, reveals her reaction after her daughter was found…and explains the details of her health condition

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The mother of a missing woman, Khamis Mushait, expressed her great happiness after finding her daughter, Lina, 3 months after she went missing.

The mother of the child, Lina, said, “I was overwhelmed by tricks while I was trying to reach her, as I was surprised by more than 7 calls on her mobile from a strange number.” After contacting the number, the call was from the security authorities, who informed her that her daughter had been found.

She indicated: After coordination with the security authorities, she was returned to Abha, and a medical examination was conducted on her, and it appeared that she was healthy and that she only suffered from malnutrition, according to Al Arabiya.net.

And she added, “The child was in a bad psychological state and was wearing the same clothes she was wearing when she went to take the exam in her last meeting,” noting that the child is now receiving medical and family care and follow-up from the Mental Health Hospital in Abha.

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