A new campaign for Ukraine: NGOs are calling for donations to drones until the end of April

“The essence of the initiative is very simple – we encourage Lithuanian people, companies, organizations, everyone, to donate so that we can send as many drones as possible to Ukraine,” Edmundas Jakilaitis, the representative of “Strong Together”, said on Tuesday in Vilnius, Bernardinui Sode, when presenting the new initiative.

He demonstrated a Lithuanian drone-varnė, which is produced in Lithuania and which they want to buy for the fighting Ukrainians.

According to E. Jakilaitis, the goal is to send at least several hundred such drones to Ukraine.

You can contribute to the new campaign by short number 1409 or by bank transfer. All information is available on laisvespauksciai.lt.

Since the promotion is held in the spring, it will last until the end of April, and the small combat FPV drones produced by the Lithuanian company “RSI Europe” are called “varnės”.

At the same time, a campaign for painting and selling nests is being prepared.

According to Giedrius Klimkevičius, manager of the Pakruoj manor, the painted nests will be sold, and the collected funds will be used to support Ukraine in the purchase of drones.

According to him, you can also buy a drone and name it after yourself and send your name “starling” to Ukraine.

According to E. Jakilaitis, the drone itself costs 500 euros, but the battery costs extra and, if necessary, the explosion initiator. In this case, the total amount can reach one thousand euros.

“For those who use FPV drones to transport explosives, they don’t need a control panel or anything else, because they are basically disposable products. Those units that use FPV drones have goggles, remote controls, and a lot of other equipment needed to operate drones, they lack the drones themselves,” explained E. Jakilaitis.

According to non-governmental organizations, Lithuanian-made FPV drones can be used for both reconnaissance and target destruction. The drone itself weighs about two kilograms, it can lift and transport a weight of up to a dozen kilograms, and fly about 20 kilometers.

“FPV drones are needed like air, because artillery is in short supply, we know that FPV drones in many cases perform the function of transporting explosives, not just reconnaissance or surveillance of the area. Equipment is really very necessary for Ukraine”, asserted E. Jakilaitis.

According to him, it was agreed with the manufacturers that they will produce as many drones as the organizers of the action will order.

“I think it’s a very sympathetic, creative, very positive initiative – for our starlings that fly to Lithuania, we buy houses and install a whole fleet of starlings in the Pakruoi estate (…), and we send those technologically advanced “starlings” to fight in Ukraine”, – said E. Jakilaitis.

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2024-04-23 19:46:07

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