A new drug to treat diabetes Al-Marsad Newspaper

University of British Columbia scientists have developed an oral anti-diabetic drug that depends on insulin sensitivity.

And the journal Scientific Reports indicates that scientists were able to increase the speed of insulin absorption from tablets that must be placed between the gums and the buccal mucosa in the oral cavity. Other options for using oral insulin tablets turned out to be less effective, because the hormone builds up in the stomach and does not reach the liver. Currently, insulin is released within 30-120 minutes instead of 2-4 hours.

The new drug consists of nanoparticles measuring 318 nanometers, containing insulin, chitosan and sodium tripolyphosphate, subjected to drying using hot gas, where the solid particles separate from the solvent. Insulin constitutes 25 percent of the material produced, with the efficiency of hormone absorption reaching 98-99 percent.

According to the researchers, this drug will improve the lives of millions of people with diabetes in the world, who do not have to daily inject insulin into their body several times a day.

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