A new indication that Braun is close to leaving his French team

Mystery reigns in the defender’s future Tunisia national team Dylan Bron with his club Metz, due to the player’s refusal to continue with the team after his relegation to the second division French for football.

In a step that increases the possibility of Brune leaving, the French team announced the absence of its Tunisian star from the list of players to face Kons on Monday, in the competitions of the second round of the competition, for the second time in a row, after he missed the opening match against Kons.

Although the sporting director of Metz had announced earlier that Brune would compete in the Koen meeting, several developments had occurred in the past few days, and related to the entry of the Italian club Silarnitana strongly to conclude the Brune deal, coinciding with receiving other offers from the French Premier League clubs.

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And local media had confirmed that Metz had rejected all offers to include Brun, due to the weakness of the financial proposal, but the Italian team adheres very much to this defender and is considering making a new offer, coinciding with the Tunisian player’s desire to leave the team.

Since Metz’s relegation at the end of last season, Brun decided to boycott training and not accept the idea of ​​playing in the second division, before returning to activity finally with the team without playing any official match so far.

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