“A poisoned gift”: Magalie Vaé, winner of the Star Ac ‘5, squandered her million euros

In December 2005 and in front of more than 8 million viewers, Magalie Vaé won the fifth season of Star Academy. Contested at the time (the production did not see in it “the ideal candidate “), his victory was nevertheless that of the public. And the 34-year-old is back on her jackpot of a million.

“I was not in a super rich family, we do not know how to handle this kind of thing”

In fact, the singer has in fact received only about € 500,000 from the check, after deduction of taxes. For Magalie, it was “a poisoned gift”, at 18 years old. “I had never worked and I was not in a super rich family. You don’t know how to handle this kind of thing, she explained to Faustine Bollaert, specifying that with her earnings, she also offered a trip to the West Indies to her sister and another to Egypt to her mother. These are small amounts, but it goes very quickly. It’s a restaurant for a bunch of friends, we go out every night and I’m the one who pays. It’s the taxi for everyone. We don’t think about it … I shared the benefit of the people who came around me, whom I believed to be my super friends for life “.

Happy as a couple and with her weight

Mother of a little girl, the interpreter of “I am only a song”, however, says she is fulfilled as a couple. “He’s here, we’re together. On Facebook, we don’t put anything. But yes, I’m happy.” The one who has long suffered criticism of her weight specifies that she will “very good” now and especially hopes to go back on stage to sing his new single, Des pleurs, inspired by a disappointment in love. “It was a time in my life when sentimentally it wasn’t going well. And it was one of the first songs I wrote.”

Soon in the cinema

After having launched a company in the events industry, Magalie is preparing to take her first steps in cinema. She will play an alcoholic mother who wishes to regain custody of her son in the feature film “Ne m’oublie pas” by Mathieu Grillon. Magalie Vaé had already played in the series “Dreams: 1 rêve, 2 vies” on NRJ12 in 2014.

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