A powerful fire in the State Farm, August 8, 2022 | e1.ru

We published photos and videos from the epicenter of the fire. But the flame was of such magnitude that Yekaterinburg residents saw it from different parts of the city. Many were frightened and not just like that – the picture was really terrifying. See how the fire looked from afar. Luckily, firefighters put out the fire and no one was killed or injured.

– The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Sverdlovsk Region recalls the need to comply with fire safety rules. Keep the area around the buildings clean, do not burn garbage near the buildings. Install and repair electrical wiring only trust specialists, do not use faulty or home-made electrical appliances, do not leave them unattended. To protect the electrical network from overload, use automatic fuses in the electricity meter, warned the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Sverdlovsk Region.

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