A priest from Catamarca goes to trial for pedophilia: they accuse him of alcoholizing his victims before raping them

2023-06-08 22:52:00

The justice of Catamarca decided to bring a case to trial three acts of sexual abuse against a minor to the priest Eduardo Lopez Marquez, which would have occurred when he was in charge of a parish in the town of Recreo. In this way, the priest became the third religious sent to trial for crimes of this type in that province.

The decision was made by the prosecutor of the Sixth Judicial Circumscription, Virginia Duarte Acostaat the end of the investigative stage. López Márquez was indicted for acts that would have occurred between 2001 and 2002due to the complaint of a young man who at that time I was 12 years old. Last March he had also been denounced for sexual abuse by another person who claimed that he was raped by the ecclesiastic when she was eight years old.

There are 60 sexual abuses per week against children and adolescents

According to the plaintiff lawyer, Dr. Sebastián Ibáñez, “the modus operandi was the same and he did it together with another priest who passed away in February 2021”.

Regarding this, he explained that they used to choose minors between the ages of 7 and 12, whom they supposedly They gave them alcoholic beverages before abusing and subjugating them. For this reason, it was requested that together with the accusation for sexual crimes and his condition as a caretaker, that of “corruption of minors“, accompanied by the request for a penalty of up to 40 years in prison.

The accusations against Father López Márquez

The priest is accused of three facts and in first of them is charged “seriously outrageous sexual abuse qualified by the situation of guard and for being committed by a minister of worship as the author”, and “corruption of minors aggravated by the custody of the victim, as author, in ideal competition”.

The second fact that is imputed to him covers “sexual abuse with carnal access” with the same aggravating factors, although it adds “corruption of minors aggravated by the age of the victimas author”, in the complaint.

While in the third he will face charges for “sexual abuse with carnal access, qualified by the situation of guardian and for being committed by a minister of religion, as the author”, and “corruption of minors in quality of author, in ideal competition“.

In statements to the press, the lawyer Ibáñez stressed that López Márquez became the priest who was sent to trial by the most serious pederastic crimes in the judicial history of Catamarcasince “when adding the sentences of all these aggravated crimes it is from 8 years to 40 years”.

“He is the only priest -in that province- who has another legal complaint made by another victim”, added the lawyer about the judicial presentation that occurred in March, where a young man accused him of having raped him when he was in the rectory in the town of Chumbicha, department of Capayán. He also said that there would be a third victim who has not yet reported it.

Mode of operation

after the massestransferred the child to the parish house and, after intoxicate him with the wine from the sacristyhe proceeded first with touching and then accessing it carnally,” Ibáñez said a few days ago in statements to the local media. airvision.

He also pointed out that López Márquez would have committed the abuses with the help of another priest, Father Pablo Batallan, who died in February 2021 and was related to the stepfather of one of the victims. “The evidence against this priest It’s not just the psychological test but also the witnesses, who are these guys”, highlighted the plaintiff lawyer.

Parish of Our Lady of Lujan of Cumbicha

The third priest at oral trial in Catamarca

López Márquez is the third priest to be sent to trial in that province. The first case was that of Father Juan de Dios Gutiérrez, which was reported in 2015 by the victim’s mother. Finally, on April 30, 2021, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison after being found guilty of “sexual abuse with carnal access aggravated by being a minister of a religious cult.”

The second record is Renato Rasgido, which was also denounced by the parent of a minor in 2014, for a series of sexual abuse that would have occurred in the city of Andalgalá. He was never arrested.

His file was elevated to oral trial on different occasions and is currently in the Guarantee Control Court to be elevated to the Criminal Chamber. He accuses him of “simple aggravated sexual abuse in ideal bankruptcy with corruption of minors” and two facts of “sexual abuse with carnal access aggravated in ideal contest with corruption of minors”, aggravated by being a priest.


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