A profile of the Syrian artist, Muhammad Qanoua, after announcing his death at the age of 49

2023-04-23 03:02:50

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Syrian artist, Muhammad Qanoua, died on Saturday evening, after a myocardial infarction (heart attack) at the age of 49, shortly after he posted on his social media page a farewell to the character “Showman”. Which he performed in the series Al-Arabji in the Ramadan drama season for this year, according to the official Syrian news agency “SANA”.

The following is a quick overview of the late artist, according to what was reported by “SANA”:

Muhammad Qanoua, the son of the late radio artist and director Marawan Qanoua, who belongs to a famous artistic family in the world of theater, did not need to study at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, being a graduate of the Al Akhawain Qanoua Technical School, so he studied at the Tourism and Hotel Institute and graduated from it and worked for years on the comedy theater “Pins”. And he had another theatrical experience with the Joy Choir, entitled “The Bread Path” in 2018.

He spent nearly 3 decades in the artistic and dramatic field, where his breakthrough began when the artist Yasser Al-Azma chose him to participate in the year 1995 in the successive parts of the famous comic series Mirrors, so he presented paintings that showed his talent and his ability to play roles. In the movie “Outside Coverage” in 2007.

The late Qanoua participated in dozens of dramas and TV shows, including Behind the Walls 1995, Director by chance 1996, People and Habayeb 1999, Lashu al-Haki 2001 Abu al-Maffiyah, Jasmine and Cement, Our Sweet Days in 2003, Layali al-Salihiya 2004, The Age of Madness, Treachery, Five and Thursdays 2005, Deer in The Forest of Wolves and the Will of Fancy in 2006.

He played important roles in many Syrian series, including On the Edge of the Abyss and Sirat al-Hob in 2007. In 2008, he participated in Awlad al-Qaymariya, My Grandfather’s House, Another Rainy Day, and was stuck in the minds of the audience in the series Days of Study and many others.

Qanoua was distinguished in his performance of the roles of the Levantine environment for which he was known, especially in the famous series of Bab Al-Hara, Al-Sham Al-Adiya, Asaad Al-Warraq, Al-Dabbour, Ahl Al-Raya and Al-Amimi and the historical series Al-Qaqaa bin Amr Al-Tamimi 2010 and others.

Qanoua’s last work in the past three years was Al Qubba Alley, Al Swallow, On a Hot Tin, Alive in Love, to be his last artistic appearance in the Ramadan drama this season in the series Al Arbaji, Al Qubba Alley, Zuqaq Al Jinn, Sabaya, Minister’s Decision and Jam Al Ezz.

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