“Angie Khoury: The Controversial Actress Who Made Headlines on Social Media and Beyond”

2023-04-23 03:08:51

Actress Angie Khoury topped the social media sites, after she published a new photo of her on her account on Instagram and social networking sites.

Angie Khoury topped the various search sites, after circulating the news of her arrest on charges of defamation and defamation, in addition to her entry to Lebanon surreptitiously several times.

It is known that Angie Khoury, during the past months, broke the ruling issued against her by revoking her residency in Lebanon due to the spread of her scandalous videos. By deporting her outside Lebanon and preventing her residence.

Information about Angie Khoury after her arrest in Syria

Angie Khoury, whose real name is “Najwa Khaleq Allah,” also caused a stir some time ago, after she offended the star and Kawkab Al Sharq, Umm Kulthum, as she asked her followers, while she was wearing semi-naked clothes, “Who do you love at night more, me or Umm Kulthum?” .”

It seems that the story of Angie Khoury includes a third party, the star Qamar, who put her name within the crisis, and it was fertile material for the sites during the past hours.

On the other hand, Qamar was linked to enmity with Angie Khoury because of Qamar’s divorced artist, Adam, whom Angie Khoury accused of kidnapping and harming her, while a number of Lebanese websites indicated that Qamar and Angie Khoury were reconciled suddenly and without any introductions, and after a long series of accusations and mutual insults between them. .

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