A raid on the roof of an abandoned house in Riyadh turned into an “incense manufacturing factory.” After examining the products, the surprise was • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Riyadh Municipality announced the overthrow of expatriates who specialized in converting sawdust into adulterated agarwood, and summoning the owner of the site to obtain deterrent penalties.

The Riyadh Municipality published a video clip on its Twitter account, in which it stated that the workers in Riyadh transformed the roof of a popular house into a factory for the manufacture of fraudulent oud, by placing industrial scents on wood, using dilapidated tools and in an environment full of dirt, before handing it over to the distributors. accomplices to the crime.

The joint operations room overthrew the violators, closed the site, and summoned the owner of the site to receive the necessary punishment.

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