A relative of the director of “Nabatiyeh Governmental Hospital” assaulted the staff official

In a new attack on medical workers, personnel affairs officer Ali al-Sayed was assaulted in his office at the Nabatiyeh Governmental Hospital.

According to eyewitnesses, the assailant is called (YW), and he is related to the general director of the hospital, Dr. Hassan Wazni. Witnesses stated that “a number of employees intervened to keep the assailant away from the assailant, but he followed him and continued his assault on him, while he was riding in his car, which led to him injuring his eye and parts of his body, threatening him by cutting his tongue.”

The victim immediately went to the forensic doctor, who obtained a medical report from him in preparation for prosecuting the assailant before the Public Prosecution Office.

Al-Sayed was harassed because of his union activity in support of government hospital employees. He had participated in the sit-in by the employees of the “Sidon Governmental Hospital” a few days ago, in solidarity with the nurse Fatima Yahya, who in turn was subjected to physical assault by the director of the “Bint Jbeil Governmental Hospital” where she works.

In the Sidon sit-in, al-Sayed described in a speech that “all government hospital departments are worn out (…) Their directors remain in their positions for more than 25 years and act as if they are their personal property,” accusing them of “corruption and charging commissions for medical work, while the employees who are being treated are insulted.” They are now working as volunteers due to the collapse in the value of their salaries.”

A member of the founding body of the “Governmental Hospital Workers’ Syndicate”, Khalil Ka’in, denounced the attack on the unionist Ali Al-Sayed, considering that the attack affected all workers in government hospitals. Accordingly, he called on the Minister of Health to “intervene urgently to deter and prevent barbaric attacks.”

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