A report reveals that one user paid a total of $70 million in gas fees for transactions on the Ethereum chain.

2023-09-10 12:32:21

Hildobby, a pseudonymous crypto researcher and data scientist at the Dragonfly VC fund, revealed data about a user who was reluctantly paying for gas on the Ethereum (ETH) network. It is the number 1 user who pays the most for gas.

$70 million spent on 1.26 million transactions

An Ethereum (ETH) wallet linked to Jared From Subway’s MEV bot (jaredfromsubway.eth) paid out nearly 38,000 ETH in gas, or more than $70 million, as the bot completed on-chain transactions. Participated in 1.26 million transactions, as shown on theDashboard Dune created by Hildobby from Dragonfly

As a result, this bot became the largest Ethereum wallet in terms of gas payments. The 2nd place goes to wallets controlled by the cryptocurrency exchange. Binance It completed more than 7.73 million transactions, but paid half as much gas as Jared From Subway’s bot.

It should be noted that Ethereum (ETH) gas costs are near their lowest levels in months. The current gas price is 9.39 Gwei, which means that 1 transaction on a DEX like Uniswap (UNI) costs gas. $4 according to Etherscan

The Ethereum community is probably in awe of the MEV bot’s incredible statistics. Meanwhile, the net profit or loss figure for this account has not yet been calculated.

Source: U.Today

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