XP-1: The Ultimate Golf Club for Guessing Correctly and Flying Properly

2023-09-10 11:50:07

I want to guess correctly. I want to fly properly. With that in mind, we proposed a high meet rate. This model has a large head volume and is recommended for average golfers and those just starting out.W slit effect ●Improved initial speed in all areas ●High launch & appropriate spin ●Gear effect support system for toe and heel hits ET40 Carbon Crown For XP- 1 The launch angle is increased by lowering the center of gravity, and the crown’s responsiveness to rebound is also improved. A special design for the XP-1 that instantly and efficiently transmits deflection to the ball. 5 FANG Technology Ribs reminiscent of “fangs” are placed in five locations on the face and upper lip. By increasing the rigidity around the face, the repulsive force is increased over a wide range and the initial speed is increased. DRAW BIAS (Internal Center of Gravity Design Draw Bias Center of Gravity Design A center of gravity design that emphasizes good grip emphasizes gentleness and ease of swinging. P-SAT Precision Spine Management The spine is set at 6 o’clock for all clubs. It stabilizes the behavior and improves the completeness of not only the club itself but also the entire set. NON-ROTATING SYSTEM The included torque wrench allows stepless adjustment of lie angle, loft angle, and FA without the need to attach or detach the shaft or rotate it.

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