A rude caller says: (I do this action with my best friend every day, what do I do?) .. An unexpected response from Dr. Heba Kotb shocked Amr Al-Laithi.!!

The journalist, Amr Al-Leithi, conveyed a question from a caller who said that she suffers from depression, and as a result became perverted.

She said that she now finds pleasure with her friend and hates men and does not know what to do, asking for help from the marital relations expert, Dr. Heba Kotb.

Qutb said that repression is one of the factors that actually contribute to this problem, but it is not the only one to blame, as evidenced by the fact that we encounter the same situation in prisons, whether men and women, as well as in boarding schools and others.

She added that among the contributing factors is the increase in privacy, and that my son, for example, comes with a friend and closes the room for them and sits for hours, a day, and two days… all of this contributes to an increase in these cases.

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