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2023-06-27 10:54:45

In his “department store” in Filzmoos, Gerald Waupotitsch not only sells food from the region. Art, handicrafts and books also find their way into his shop in the heart of the 1,500-inhabitant community.

After the departure of the Adeg branch in the center of Filzmoos, the 1,500-inhabitant community was left without a regional local supplier in the town center. Now the Grazer Gerald Waupotitsch brings regional products back to the shelves of the village with the “Kaufhaus”. “We mainly rely on products from Pongau, Salzburg and Styria,” explains the Styrian. “We are pursuing a special concept. Because we not only offer groceries, but also have space in the department store for arts and crafts. So not only tourists but also locals should find themselves in the shop.”

The concept will initially be tested until autumn

Waupotitsch’s shop won’t be quite as spacious as we know it from the previous grocery store in the building. “We have separated some of the huge retail space. But we don’t have such a wide range, because I think you don’t need ten different versions of the same product. We rely entirely on regionality, and – similar to a Styrian tavern – we also find space to taste and browse,” emphasizes Waupotitsch, who is taking his first steps in the food trade with the department store.

For the time being, the business concept will be tested until October. Then it will be checked whether the business will be accepted and whether it can function in the future. “But we are in good spirits that our idea can work here. Because we have heard from the population again and again that it is a pity that there are only sports shops in Filzmoos,” continues the man from Graz.

Waupotitsch did not come up with the idea of ​​opening a shop in Filzmoos by accident: “We have been regular guests in the community for years. Out of a primal urge, the idea arose to bring regionality back to Filzmoos with food, art and crafts. Together with We are also interested in an exhibition of works by local artists in the municipality. We can also expand the business area at any time. But first we have to see whether we will be successful at all with the basic concept.”

But Waupotitsch does not only focus on the region in the “department store”. “Together with Karin Vierthaler from the Wexlerhof in Filzmoos, a farmer’s market is now being held on Friday mornings, where you can discover specialties and delicacies from Filzmoos, the Pongau and beyond.

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