A significant decrease in the prices of diesel and gas… and the stability of the price of gasoline

The massive decline in the dollar’s exchange rate led to a decline in the prices of diesel fuel and gas bottles, due to their direct correlation with the market dollar.
The Ministry of Energy issued a price-installation schedule that included a decrease in the price of diesel fuel by an average of 122 thousand pounds, and gas by an average of 73 thousand pounds. So, a fuel tank will cost 640,000 Syrian pounds, and a gas bottle will cost 398 thousand pounds.

As for gasoline prices, they were not issued within this price, because “the price of this substance is directly related to the exchange platform price, which was not affected by fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate (in the parallel market). An exchange rate will be issued by the Banque du Liban on Monday,” according to what was announced by the information office of the Minister of Energy and Water. Walid Fayyad.

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