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The streets of Neuchâtel resounded all week to the sound of buskers. 27 groups of musicians and storytellers thrilled a large audience from Tuesday to Saturday. Even in the absence of a ticket office and therefore of precise figures as to attendance, it was enough to go to the city center of Neuchâtel to notice the success of this 31e editing. Both the weather and the faces were radiant.

The Buskers festival ended this Sunday afternoon during the traditional closing meeting at La Ramée. Several groups followed one another in front of a conquered public. The artists have not skimped on the praises either at the time of the balance sheet, noting the quality of the organization, the exchanges with the public and the other musicians.

This without forgetting the famous late evenings at the Maison du Concert. Moments of sharing that make up the DNA of the Buskers Festival, according to Léa Rovero.

The organizers are already meeting the public from August 8 to 13, 2023 for the 32e Buskers Festival. /rgi

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