A specialist doctor predicts what will happen to the case of Corona after a year!

Under the title: “A specialist doctor predicts what will happen to the state of Corona after a year,” it was stated on the “Russia Today” website:

“Only after a year, it will be possible to definitively say that the coronavirus has become a seasonal disease like influenza. In his opinion, there are two scenarios for the end of this epidemic. One of them is the transmission of the coronavirus infection to a state seasonal illness such as influenza.

The Russian expert added: “SARS-CoV-2 will spread among people all the time – that is, it will move from the southern hemisphere to the north. Now, when we have summer, winter is at its peak in the southern hemisphere. We will see next spring if this wave It’s going to pass like the flu or it won’t, and is it going to stay through the summer.It has to be a while, then we’ll see if it’s [الفيروس التاجي] It has become seasonal.

But the expert considers that the most likely scenario for the development of events is the transition of the coronavirus to a natural focal infection state. In this case, the virus can find a “host” – its vector in nature.

He said, “When the level of collective human immunity drops, it will stop providing protection, which will make [الفيروس التاجي] It blooms again in human society – this is how there is an Ebola epidemic.”

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