A.Stajcic continued to raise the goal of overthrowing the ‘queen’ of Vietnam

(PLO)- Winning the 2022 AFF Cup, the Philippines set a goal of winning the 32nd SEA Games in May.

The Australian strategist of the Philippines team said that the 32nd SEA Games is the most ripe time and the most realistic opportunity for Filipino girls to flip the second “queen” of Vietnamese girls.

In July last year, Alen Stajcic’s teachers and students succeeded in turning over the Southeast Asian “queen” of the Vietnamese women’s team at the 2022 AFF Women’s Cup in Manila. semi-final, then to the final and beat Thailand 3-0 to be crowned champion.

After flipping the “queen” of Southeast Asia of Vietnam, the Philippines continues to raise the goal of dethroning the “queen” of the SEA Games of Vietnamese girls. Photo: Philippine Football Federation.

At the present time as well as in the future, Philippine women’s football is continuing to prepare fiercely, including the goal of entering the second round of the 2023 World Cup (taking place in June and July in New Zealand and Australia).

Specifically, the Philippines team is operating the preparation by a series of five consecutive months to the US and South America to play friendly matches….

Australian strategist Alen Stajcic said that the 32nd SEA Games in May, the Philippines must be crowned champion. In particular, the specific task is to defeat Thailand and the reigning SEA Games champion-Vietnam.

The Philippines also set a goal to participate in the 2024 Olympics in Paris. This goal is even more difficult than the World Cup because of the Paris 2024 Olympics, Asian women’s football only got two places. In this tournament, besides Japan, North Korea, South Korea, China, and Australia, the rest of the teams are very poor compared to Europe and South America.

In the first stage of the 2024 Olympic qualifying round in Asia, the Philippines is in the first seed group (along with Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar). They, like Vietnam, are expected to enter the second phase very easily.

At the 2023 World Cup, the Philippines is in Group A, in the same group as co-hosts New Zealand, Switzerland and Norway. At this World Cup, coach Alen Stajcic also set his goal to enter the second round, ie competing for one of the two tickets of Group A.

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