A very beautiful Egyptian girl wants a divorce from her husband.. When they asked her about the reason, she revealed that she could not do this act with him in front of everyone!! (exciting details)

Mary built. A lawsuit before the Family Court in Heliopolis, asking for divorce from her husband, justifying her request, Josie, after the marriage.

“Maryam” 28 years old, an engineer: I got married two years ago to “Amr. Y.” 30 years old, an engineer, after a love story that arose between us at the university, and the problem I suffer from is that my husband after marriage completely changed his appearance “he stayed in a rumen” and this does not suit my appearance .

Maryam added: I became embarrassed to go out with my husband or appear with my husband anywhere because of his appearance. He did not speak.

The wife continued: I tried to persuade my husband to go to the “gym” to get rid of the “rumen,” but he refused due to lack of time, and the end was when we were invited to a friend’s birthday party; And when we danced “slow” together, but my husband was not able to dance because of his “belly” and the situation was embarrassing in front of my friends,

So I left the party and went to my family’s house and decided to separate, and I actually filed a divorce suit that carried No. 410 of 2022 and it is still pending and has not been resolved so far.

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