You will not believe what this groom did to his young wife on the night of the wedding and forced her to do this shocking thing and caused her to be taken to the hospital.!!

He started talking to this fifteen-year-old girl from her aunt about her nephew, and she praised her for wanting him. Then she opened the topic with her and said to her, What do you think about So-and-so – you mean her nephew – the girl didn’t understand the point, so she answered innocently, I don’t know, it seems like other young men in the neighborhood.

It was an unsatisfactory answer to the aunt who did not despair as she came back again praising him and hinting more and who had another intention in the end until she was able to lure the girl and attach her heart to the boy, the girl began to respond to the wishes of the aunt, so the other began to convey the feelings of the two parties to each other.

After that, the aunt moved to convince her brother of what the girl had convinced. The father was not satisfied, but his sister took him out and he was forced to accept. The aunt succeeded in her mission, the engagement took place successfully, and the girl almost flew with joy.

Two years later, the groom came with his aunt and his family asking for marriage. The girl’s family objected, on the pretext that the girl was still in high school and had to finish her studies. After the intervention of the elders of the family, the girl’s family was forced to accept the marriage, and for sure the girl was very happy. How could she not meet her lover whom she decorated? Her aunt like a king from heaven.

With the first hours of the wedding night, everyone was very happy and the newlyweds were in indescribable happiness. After ten o’clock that night, all the family members left the place and the groom and the bride stayed to rest.

The girl started getting to know her groom, his behavior began far from what he had imagined for her, especially when she saw how he treated her family before they left, so she did not see from him the respect worthy of them.

After the guests left, the groom started attacking the bride, hurrying her to take off her clothes, as if a monster pounced on its prey.

He finished intercourse and then went back to look at the spots of blood to make sure that she was a virgin or not. He did not find the blood, so he called directly the girl’s aunt and her family to tell them about the matter. At the same time to make sure, they went to the doctor and the girl was in an unenviable position, as he had insulted her dignity and questioned her chastity in front of her family.

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor revealed the girl, and she was surprised!! The blood is there but it is little, the husband was amazed how he did not see the blood!!! The blood was little and it was late to come off, but the reckless husband did not wait or did not examine it well.

Despite that, the father insisted on making an examination for his daughter to be more sure. The examination confirmed that the girl was a virgin and that the hymen was very thin, and this is the reason for the lack of blood.

After that, the father decided to take his daughter home with him according to her request, and he refused to return with her husband, as all that love had vanished because of his recklessness and insult to her, she no longer wanted to even mention his name.

The girl stayed with her father for two days until she entered the area and came to the case, and they forced the father to return the girl to her groom.

But the girl could not say anything, as she saw that her life after that situation had been destroyed and that no one would come to propose to her if she asked for a divorce, and the society did not believe the words of the doctors who confirmed her virginity.

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