A very beautiful Syrian bride marries 2 legally married siblings.. What happened on the wedding night was not taken into account and his hair turns gray

The pioneers of social networking sites shared a strange story for the first time of its kind, a severe suffering experienced by a family in the State of Syria, where a woman married a fraternal couple at the same time in a legitimate and correct manner in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

After a girl married a young man and then lost this young man, she married his brother and gave birth to a son from him, and then her first husband appeared, the brother of the second husband. In approximately 2011, the young man “Ammar Al-Helou”, the first husband, went out to participate in political life and disappeared, and their family asked about him a lot until Tell them that he died and was buried.

At this time, “Ammar” was a new groom, and his bride “Sana” was pregnant in her first months, and years after Ammar’s death, the family decided to marry his wife to Ammar’s brother, and indeed the wedding took place and she became pregnant by him.

At this time, the Syrian government issued a pardon for some prisoners, and the surprise was that “Ammar” was among them and was still alive, to return to his family and was shocked by his wife’s marriage to his brother.

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