A video conference on the overall responsibility of compaction and taking into account the epidemic prevention and control work in Putian City was held-Comprehensive News-Southeast Network

Focus on the key points and take into account the overall responsibility of compaction

The city’s epidemic prevention and control work video conference held Fu Chaoyang Lin Xuyang speech

On the evening of March 27, a video conference on epidemic prevention and control in provinces and cities was held. After the video conference, Fu Chaoyang, secretary of the municipal party committee and commander, presided over a video conference on the city’s epidemic prevention and control work, conveying the spirit of learning and implementing the provincial and municipal epidemic prevention and control video conferences, and researching and deploying the next steps. City leaders Lin Xuyang, Su Yongge, Shen Mengya and Ji Xiangfeng attended the main venue and branch venues respectively.

After listening to the work reports of the counties and districts (management committees), Fu Chaoyang said, “Deeds speak louder than words. During this period of time, the city’s epidemic prevention and control work has achieved phased positive results, which are the results of everyone’s hard work. not easy”. Just do the next step, Fu Chaoyang pointed out that the current situation is severe and complicated, especially the risk of foreign import is still very high, we must be fully prepared to fight a protracted war, insist on being fast, accurate, and meticulous, and further bite the bullet and keep an eye on the key points. Combining point and surface, consolidating responsibilities, taking overall plans into account, racing against time and against viruses, we will win the battle of epidemic annihilation in one go.

Fu Chaoyang emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to classified guidance and focus on key points. Xianyou County must adhere to both “foreign import prevention and internal prevention of proliferation”, strictly control potential risks, and try to shorten the tailing period; other districts should improve the active screening mechanism and pay close attention to The influx of people and key groups such as truck drivers and couriers in medium and high-risk areas, as well as key places such as farmers markets, encrypt the frequency of nucleic acid testing, strictly prevent and control measures, and guard the borders. It is necessary to adhere to group prevention and control, joint prevention and joint control, and in combination with the implementation of the project of “leadership of party building, strengthening the foundation and benefiting the people”, in-depth development of the “epidemic-free community” construction campaign, compacting the “quartet responsibility”, and effectively building a solid fortress. It is necessary to adhere to the problem orientation, pay close attention to rectification, make a list, make a daily settlement, form a closed loop, and strengthen supervision and guidance, and take serious accountability for those who fail to rectify the problem and cause the epidemic to get out of control. It is necessary to adhere to digital empowerment, precise prevention and control, make good use of big data methods, establish ledgers, classify and summarize, compare and analyze, and scientifically research and judge, and improve the accuracy and effectiveness of prevention and control measures. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job in publicity and education, public opinion guidance and control, and safe production, so as to maintain the overall social stability and stability.

Mayor Lin Xuyang requested that at present, we must be careful to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement various policies for closed and control areas, make good use of air defense technology and material defense methods, and strengthen grid management and refined management and control. It is necessary to insist on moving the gate forward, strengthen the supervision of sinking, comprehensively check and fill the gap, and effectively achieve early detection and early disposal. It is necessary to carry out nucleic acid testing more accurately and scientifically to ensure that “no one is missed” and “everyone should be tested.” It is necessary to strengthen the prevention and control of nosocomial infections in key places such as designated hospitals and fever clinics in medical institutions, and resolutely prevent cross-infection. It is necessary to follow the laws and regulations, be scientific and meticulous, implement classified implementation, and steadily advance the work of lifting the quarantine. It is necessary to formulate precise and effective policies to promote the resumption of work and production, and make a good combination of policies to stabilize production and supply. It is necessary to coordinate the work of epidemic prevention and control, resumption of offline teaching, vaccination, and safe production to ensure harmony and stability.

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