A warning from the Mexico coach for the Saudi national team: As long as there is an opportunity, we will take advantage of it

Football fans, especially the Arabs, are experiencing the atmosphere of the World Cup this year in an exceptional way. The feelings of encouragement and joy are doubled, given that the global event is taking place in an Arab country. In addition, 4 Arab countries participated in the 32nd round, and the hopes that some of them will qualify for the 16th round are very high.

What results must be achieved for these countries to qualify for the round of 16?

Saudi Arabia

Sports analyst Abdel Nasser Harb, who is currently in Qatar to cover the World Cup matches, says in an interview with Al-Hurra that in the last round for the Saudi group, Al-Akhdar plays against Mexico, while Poland plays against Argentina, and if Saudi Arabia beats Mexico, it qualifies immediately. .

In the event that Saudi Arabia tied with Mexico, and Argentina lost to Poland, Saudi Arabia also qualifies.

Because in this case, the green team will have four points, and if Poland wins against Argentina, it will have 7 points with Poland, and with Argentina 3 points and Mexico two points, so Poland will qualify first and Saudi Arabia second.

But if Argentina beat Poland and Saudi Arabia tied with Mexico, then Argentina qualifies with 6 points, Poland with 4 points, Saudi Arabia 4 points, and Mexico 2 points, and in this case, the goal difference between Poland and Saudi Arabia is counted, and so far the goal difference is in favor of Poland, Which has two goals, while Saudi Arabia has a negative goal.

As for the last hypothesis, if Saudi Arabia loses to Mexico, it has no hope of qualifying, because Mexico then gets 4 points.

Saudi Arabia performed well against Poland on Saturday, but missed a penalty kick and lost 2-0 to Education City Stadium in Group C.

If Saudi Arabia loses to Mexico, it has no hope of qualifying


Tunisia will play France in the final stage, and will meet in the group match Australia with Denmark.

And because France qualified, Harb explains that “Tunisia remains to win the last match, and on the other hand, it follows that Denmark draws with Australia, and in this case the comparison takes place between the number of goals, because if there is a tie, Australia has 4 points and Tunisia has 4 points, so we must wait for the match between Tunisia and France to see if it will achieve a good result.

The other possibility is Tunisia’s victory over France, in exchange for Denmark’s victory over Australia, in which case Tunisia has 4 points and Denmark has 4 points, and here the goal difference is also seen.

On the other hand, losing Tunisia or its tie with France means that it will not qualify for the round of 16, according to Harb.

The qualification system stipulates that in the event of a tie by the number of points, the general goal difference is used.

And if the tie continues, “fair play” is ruled, by calculating the yellow and red card points.

Tunisia lost 1-0 to Australia, which achieved its first victory in the World Cup since 2010 at the South Stadium, to complicate the task of qualifying for the round of 16 for the first time in its history in the finals on Saturday.

Tunisia collected one point from two matches after an epic draw with Denmark in Group D, but it seemed that it was suffering from fatigue against physically strong Australia, and the offensive solutions of coach Jalal Al-Qadri were absent.

“Tunisia must beat France”


On Sunday, the Moroccan national team plays with Belgium, while Croatia plays with Canada, and if the Moroccan national team wins against Belgium, it has 4 points and surpasses it.

And in the event that Croatia beats Canada, it will have 4 points and surpasses Canada.

Therefore, the Moroccan national team needs a victory, in addition to anticipating the outcome of its subsequent match with Canada.

Harb points out that for the Moroccan national team, things are not clear because he only played one match, so Morocco’s victory over Belgium enhances his hopes of qualifying.

But in the event that the Moroccan team loses on Sunday, and the two teams tie, its qualification becomes difficult, because it becomes with Belgium 6 points and Croatia 4 points, but the qualification of the Moroccan team remains likely.

The Moroccan national team, which played among a large number of its fans at Al Bayt Stadium, drew without goals with Croatia, the runner-up of the last edition, in a match with few chances in the first round of Group F of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar on Wednesday.

In the event that the Moroccan team wins against Belgium, it will have 4 points and is superior to the latter


Qatar became the first team to bid farewell to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, on Friday, after the rival duo in Group A, Netherlands and Ecuador, tied 1-1.

The Netherlands and Ecuador have four points each, compared to three for Senegal, according to Reuters.

Qatar did not get any points after losing its opening match 2-0 to Ecuador and then losing 3-1 to Senegal on Friday.

Qatar cannot qualify, no matter what happens in its last match against the Netherlands next Tuesday.

Qatar cannot qualify no matter what

Qatar cannot qualify no matter what

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