A wedding with more than 10,000 guests and a party of 200 people are arrested in New York

Apparently New York City was “celebrating” this weekend, after authorities announced the intervention of police officers and the health department in two illegal celebrations, where the crowd of guests disrespected the number of people admitted to closed places, imposed by the city authorities, who fight hard so that they are fulfilled by the population.

The first of these occurred early Friday when a Jewish community in Brooklyn planned to celebrate a wedding with more than 10,000 guests.

Governor Andrew Cuomo offered the details during a press conference on Saturday, and indicated that the information about the event was received after the county Sheriff’s Office issued a warning against attending an event with a clear violation of the limits of people in a meeting.

“We got a suggestion that this was happening. We did an investigation and found that it really was true. Look, you can get married, but you just can’t have more than 10,000 people at your wedding,” Cuomo said.

The other activity was dismantled in Queens County, where there were more than 215 people crowded and without a license to sell alcohol, according to state authorities announced through a tweet.

“On October 17, at 1:37 am, deputy sheriffs closed an illegal bar / party event inside 106-09 Rockaway Boulevard in Queens: more than 215 people, no liquor license, illegal storage and sale of liquor, violation of emergency orders, 4 organizers accused of multiple criminal offenses ABC of health, “said the tweet.

The governor also announced a new strategy to stop the outbreak of COVID-19 in the counties where these activities took place, which are among the most contagious according to the alert issued by the health authorities.

Cuomo said the focus on the virus spikes into something that will take “block by block,” which so far, according to him, has proven successful.

“Our team looks at daily changes to adjust outbreak watch zones and quickly reshape boundaries to meet the demands of the latest testing, by focusing city cases in blocks,” he said.


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