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E. Prigent, T. Germain, M. Somm

France 2

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For some, the holidays start in September. These tourists take advantage of the calm following the summer period to go on vacation. In Annecy (Haute-Savoie), many holidaymakers start their stay in peace.

By bike or on foot, retirees enjoy their holidays in peace, far from the tumultuous summer. In Annecy (Haute-Savoie), these tourists enjoy the landscape and the lake in silence. “There are fewer people, there are no more children, it’s quieter”, tells a tourist. A period appreciated by many retirees who came to the region in September, to discover the beauty of the city and its specialties.

Not hesitating to stroll through the markets of the city of Annecy, retirees on vacation are a delight for traders. Although it is September, the restaurants are full, as well as the hotels. Some are even sold out, with very attractive prices: up to 25% reduction. Seniors, a clientele that is not neglected and who enjoy Annecy and the beauty of its landscapes in September, in the greatest of calm.

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