a year later, can we talk about a flop?

€ 12,650,000; it was the total amount of investment that had been necessary in order to see this carpool strip on the E411 between Arlon and Sterpenich. Installed on the emergency lane, this route can be taken by light vehicles carrying on board at least three people. The maximum speed is limited to 50km / h. It was to be used to unclog a portion of the motorway which accommodates an average of 40,000 vehicles daily, including 10,000 heavy goods vehicles. But in reality, this band is far from being unanimous with cross-border workers.

► The Walloon Minister for Mobility does not rule out stopping the experience, if necessary.

► What about the car pool side of the Grand-Ducal side?

► On the SOFICO side, a first interim evaluation was to take place a year after the inauguration, so last month.


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