A young man defies everyone and marries his sister.. but what happened on the wedding night turns his hair gray! (exciting details)

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A number of social media pioneers circulated a strange story of its kind for the first time, where a German young man had an forbidden relationship with his sister, which made everyone stand against him, and he was convicted before the European Court and refused to recognize their relationship and allow them to form a family.

The catastrophe is that the forbidden relationship between the young Patrick Stubing and his sister Susan Karolivsky resulted in the birth of four children, and the European Court of Human Rights acknowledged and said that Germany has the right to prevent incest, no matter what happens. But brother Stubing was convicted of having an affair with his sister and sentenced to 3 years in prison, and the Karolivsky sister was not convicted at all after it was confirmed that she suffers from personality disorders” and is not at all responsible for her behavior. The surprise was that this person had been absent from his family for about twenty years, then he met his sister and the relationship between them was strengthened after the death of their mother until it came to the point that their relationship became like husbands, and after the court ruling, three of the sons were placed in children’s care homes.

Stubing expressed his dissatisfaction with the court’s ruling, noting that his right to live a family life and be a family with a person he really loved had been violated, but the European Court of Human Rights responded that the law prohibiting illegal relations does not violate the right of citizens to choose their lives and form a family as The accused claimed.

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