Abandoned by a lot!! Microsoft buys Blizzard documents revealing that Xbox One sales are less than half of PS4

Although Microsoft, SONY and other manufacturers compete between game consoles, the former refuses to provide specific sales of the Xbox One series, so that everyone does not know the final winner of the competition.

And more recently, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which is subject to an investigation by Brazil’s competition watchdog, revealed in documents provided by the company the sales of the previous generation of the Xbox One series over the entire life cycle. “SONY has surpassed Microsoft in console sales and installs, and the previous generation of consoles sold more than twice as much as the Xbox,” the document says.

According to SONY’s announced PS4 series console sales of 117.2 million units, the Xbox One series console sales will be less than 58.5 million units. Although compared with the 27.43 million units of the seventh-generation Xbox 360 series, the sales performance of this generation is not bad, but it is still far from the PS4.

At present, it seems that the Xbox One series may be affected by the high price caused by the early bundle of somatosensory hardware, coupled with the impact of the later push of Xbox Game Pass to abandon the game exclusive strategy. When it comes to the Xbox Series X|S console, it still continues the XGP + non-exclusive market strategy, which may indicate that Microsoft no longer pays attention to the sales of the Xbox console itself.

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