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Pokemon GO(Pokémon GO) ”tomorrow, May 21, 2022 (Sat),“ Community Day ”will be held,“Geodude (Arora’s figure)“Is generated in large numbers.

Hoshinosuna project

Tomorrow, May 21, 2022 (Sat) 14:00, Reprint Community Day will be held. The mass outbreak this time is the Iwa-Denki type Pokemon “Geodude (Arora’s figure)“is.

By evolving into “Golemna (Arora’s figure)” within 2 hours after the end of the event, a rock-type normal attack “” is a limited purpose.RollIt is possible to acquire.

Also, during the event, “Oko” and “Lure Module” will last for 3 hours, and “Hoshinosuna” when getting Pokemon will triple. If you use “Hoshino Fragment” together, how6 times normalYou can get a bonus.

Let’s actively participate!

[Holding period]
May 21, 2022 (Sat) 14:00 ~ 17:00

[Event details]

  • In the wild, more “Geodude” (Arora’s figure) appears than usual.Increased appearance rate of “Geodude” in different colors
  • If you evolve into “Golemna (Arora no Suga)” within 2 hours after the event starts, you will get a limited normal attack “Rolling”.
  • Limited special research “Understand Rock Rock Pokemon!” Is on sale for 120 yen (tax included)
  • Added the ability to give paid tickets to friends
  • “Community Day Box” of “Geodude (Arora no Suga)” is now available in 975 Pokecoins. 1 “Super Fukasochi”, 1 “Happy Egg”, “Amazing machine normal1 piece and 1 piece of “Hoshino Fragment” can be purchased only once per person
  • Get 30 “Hyperballs” for free at the shop
  • Event-related stickers are available at pocket stops, gifts, and in-game shops

[Limited Move (Normal Attack): Rolling Performance]

  • Type: Iwa
  • Trainer Battle: Power 4
  • Jim Raid Battle: Power 14

[Event Bonus]

  • During the event period, “Hoshinosuna” at the time of getting Pokemon3 timesIncreased to
  • During the event period, “candy” at the time of getting Pokemon2 timesIncreased to
  • During the event period, the acquisition rate of “Ame XL” when getting “Geodude (Arora’s figure)”2 timesIncreased to
  • During the event period, the effect of “Let’s go”3 timesSustain
  • During the event period, the effect of “Lure Module” will be3 timesSustain
  • Pokemon may appear by shooting “GO snapshot” during the event …?
  • “Special exchange” increases by 1 until 2 hours after the event ends
  • Up to 2 hours after the event ends, the “Hoshinosuna” required for exchange has been reduced by half.

[Group play bonus]

When a certain number of Pokemon are caught by one “Lure Module”, the Hoshinosuna 3x bonus when catching a Pokemon near a Pokestop using the “Lure Module” is increased by 4x for 30 minutes. To do.
* It does not overlap with the basic Hoshinosuna 3x bonus, and the bonus 4x is prioritized during the effect period.

Although the event itself will be held, do not go to densely populated areas, wear a mask and wash your hands thoroughly, and take self-defense measures against viruses. You can play games at home, such as using Oko, remote raid battles, and playing GO Battle League, so let’s enjoy “Pokemon GO” while avoiding unreasonable going out.

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