Abbott cuts its profits by 2 percent in 2022 due to an impact of 2.345 million outliers


The American pharmaceutical Abbott closed last year with a net profit of 6,933 million dollars (6,419 million euros at the current exchange rate), which represents a decrease of 2 percent in comparison with 2021, according to data published by the company.

Without including extraordinary items, the company’s net result stood at 9,466 million dollars (8,764 million euros), which translates into an advance of 1.1 percent compared to the earnings of the previous year.

The firm’s annual results include atypical amounts of 2,533 million dollars (2,345 million euros) linked to amortizations and costs associated with a voluntary review campaign and restructuring measures.

Between January and December, the company registered income amounting to 43,653 million dollars (40,419 million euros), a 1.3 percent increase, while its operating profit contracted 0.7 percent, up to 8,362 million dollars (7,742 million euros).

In the last quarter of last year, Abbott obtained net profits of 1,033 million dollars (956 million euros), 48.1 percent less, while its turnover in the period was 10,091 million dollars (9,343 million euros), a 12 percent drop.

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