Abdul Razzak Guy Kambongo appointed Head of the Muslim community of Gabon by President Oligui Nguema –

To put an end to the crisis which is shaking the Muslim Community of Gabon, the President of the Transition, President of the Republic, Head of State, General Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema, has appointed Abdul Razzak Guy Kambongo, Head of the Community .

His appointment took place on March 16, 2024 during the 5th Congress of the Superior Council of Islamic Affairs of Gabon (CSAIG) was strongly contested by a good number of imams. They proceeded to the vote and elected by an overwhelming majority, the imam Benyamin Andjoua Obolo who will be installed this Sunday, March 17 in the afternoon in Arambo, in the conference room of the Ministry of the Economy in Libreville .

“The imams have spoken, the imams have chosen, the guides of our community have chosen (…) in this blessed month of Ramadan, we will ask our President to respect the way of the imams. During our first audience, he opened up to us and gave us wise advice. Today, we are not insulting our President of the Republic, no! This is not a lack of respect for his authority. No ! And I wanted us to remember that. But today the imams have spoken and we will report to the President,” said Imam Andjoua Obolo after his plebiscite.

But for another part of Muslims, the legitimate leader of their community is Abdul Razzak Guy Kambongo, visibly determined to assume the responsibilities which have been entrusted by the Gabonese number one, guarantor of the institutions.

“It escapes no one that the Muslim community of Gabon is going through its phase of questioning because that is what being human is. From time to time, we question ourselves to do better, to reorganize ourselves, to move forward. It’s never easy. There have been difficulties in the meantime and the President of the Transition, the President of the Republic, Head of State, Brigadier General Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema who follows with all the necessary attention the evolution of all activities in the country he leads, attaches paramount importance to stability in the Muslim community. As he demands, as he strives to do, to bring back the necessary balances which have been so lacking in our country. The Muslim community does not escape this reality, it is interested in it. He therefore initially asked that Muslims reflect on what follow-up. A first report was made to him, he consulted the report to see that we are still far from the mark, on the contrary. The first phase caused Islam to regress in Gabon and he grew up in a Muslim environment, he knows us, he shares our life. He did not impose himself, he took into account the opinions of Muslims who made suggestions to him to move forward, so that Islam regains its letters of nobility. And this is what led him to decide that Abdul Razzak Guy Kambongo that I am, directs the community and around him, that he does work that would allow the community to have a text called a charter which corresponds to both Islamic and republican realities, in accordance with the Gabonese constitution, in accordance with the laws and regulations of Gabon. No apart from that. And that was the strong recommendation of the President. Because the text that was brought to it takes us away from the center,” Mr. Kambongo explained.

Given this free-for-all, peace within Gabon’s Muslim community is far from guaranteed any time soon.


2024-03-17 10:34:22
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