Abrar Sabt video celebrates the henna night in a fun atmosphere among her sisters and friends

Abrar Sabt, the Bahraini star, celebrated yesterday evening the night of henna or “Jalwa”, among a number of her family members and friends, in preparation for her wedding, nearly a year and a half after her marriage.

Abrar Sabt celebrates the henna night among her sisters and friends

Shaima Sabt, the famous artist and Abrar’s sister, shared her followers on Instagram yesterday with a post in which she wished her sister happiness, and said: “Today, God willing, my sister’s night will be the bride of Sabt’s daughters and their moon. She has two nights before marriage.

And Shaima continued: “I wish all my followers to pray for her success and blessing, and I would like to share with you the details of our joys first and foremost, and congratulations to all the bachelors, and congratulations to all the newlyweds. May God bless them and make them happy.. In the name of God, God willing, and may God bless.” Social networking with clips from their sister’s henna ceremony, which was also attended by the artist, Munira Muhammad and Zainab Ghazi.

Abrar Sabt shows her wedding preparations

For her part, Abrar Sabt, via the short story feature, published clips in which she showed some of the preparations and preparations for the henna night party, and expressed how happy she was to prepare all the details as she wanted, and thanked everyone who helped her get out that night as she wished, and the audience circulated a number of videos In which Abrar appeared as she celebrated the henna night and interacted with the audience in a fun atmosphere.

Abrar Sabbath link details

Abrar Sabt had celebrated in the middle of 2020, her marriage contract and then published a picture with her groom on Instagram, but she was keen to hide his identity, and commented on the photos at the time and said: “Praise be to God, Lord.. It’s up to my little family.

Abrar also posted a video clip in which she documented the details of the day of her wedding ceremony, from choosing her outfits to choosing the makeup and final touches before the photo session for the ceremony, and commented on the video, saying: “My engagement.. i said yes.. Thank you from the heart for making my day better.”

Pictures from Shaima Sabt and Zainab Ghazi’s Instagram accounts

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