Absolute control.. What are the reasons for iPhone controlling the smart phone market?

For the first time in its history, Apple managed to control 75 percent of the world’s leading phone sales, and this happened during 2022, with the support of wealthy consumer spending.

Although total global smartphone sales decreased by 12 percent in 2022, due to the difficult global economic situation, sales of flagship phones increased by 1 percent in 2022, which allowed this segment of phones to contribute 55 percent of total revenues. achieved by the phone market in 2022.

According to Counterpoint Research, what is meant by the flagship phone is the phone whose wholesale price exceeds $ 600, and Apple has controlled a 75 percent share of this market, compared to a 71 percent share in 2021, while Samsung ranked second with a 16 percent share, to follow. Huawei ranked fourth with a share of 3 percent, then Xiaomi ranked fourth with a share of only 1 percent, so Honor ranked fifth with a share of nearly 1 percent.

1.2 billion phones will be sold in 2022

The writer specialized in phones and technology affairs, Alan Al-Qarih, says, in an interview with the “Sky News Arabia Economy” website, that the total sales of smart phones in 2022 amounted to about 1.2 billion phones, and these sales include various phone segments, which are divided into 3 categories: cheap phones, medium phones. And the leading phones, while sales of cheap and medium phones recorded a decline, the leading phones were able to advance and achieve 55 percent of the total phone sales revenue achieved in 2022, for the first time ever.

Most iPhone users are from the affluent class

According to Al-Qarah, it is widely known worldwide that iPhone users are more able and willing to spend on their devices, as most of them belong to a well-to-do or wealthy social class, and this explains what Counterpoint indicated in its report, that wealthy consumers are one of the most prominent The reasons for the increase in sales of flagship phones in 2022, because they were more immune in the face of difficult economic conditions, indicating that phones that cost more than $ 1,000 were the fastest growing in sales, within the category of flagship phones in 2022, by 38 percent.

The 3 most sold Apple phones in 2022

Al-Qarih explains that the 3 most phones that helped Apple sweep sales, in the leading phone market during 2022, are the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, as these phones occupied, respectively, the first three places in the list of the most sold types of phones in 2022. 2022, indicating that the iPhone 13 alone contributed 28 percent of total iPhone sales in 2022.

Samsung’s flagship phone sales, unlike Apple’s

Al-Qarih explains that although Samsung owns a number of flagship phones, the price of which exceeds 600 US dollars, but this category of phones is not the best-selling for the company, which generates most of its revenues from sales of middle and cheap phones, indicating that Samsung’s sales of flagship phones, It recorded a decline of 5 percent in 2022 due to the company’s suffering from three weaknesses.

Three weaknesses for Samsung

The writer specialized in smart phone affairs, Alan Al-Qarih, pointed out in his interview with “Sky News Arabia Economy” that the first weakness was the weak presence of Samsung in the Chinese market, while the second was a little late by launching the Galaxy S22 series in 2022, while the third weakness. It was represented by the impact of Samsung customers, by the global economic crisis, which modified their priorities, also pointing out that Huawei’s sales of flagship phones declined by 44 percent in 2022, for the well-known reason, which is the US sanctions on the company’s smart phone business.

The first player

According to Al-Qarih, Apple does not have any phones belonging to the cheap category, while its presence is shy in the category of medium phones, but it was able to benefit from the weakness of its competitors, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo, in the leading category, and eventually became the first and undisputed player for flagship phones. Smart in the world.

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