“Abuse and Imprisonment of Disabled Husband: The Shocking Story of Sarah and Her Male Caretaker Revealed”

2023-05-16 13:05:59

Wife and male caretaker covet disabled husband’s property, imprison and abuse him for years. (Picture / Recap from The Sun)

British wife Sarah (Sarah Somerset-How) and Xiao Wang’s male nurse were prosecuted for abuse because they brutally imprisoned Sarah’s cerebral palsy husband Tom (Tom Somerset-How), not only did not let him get out of bed, but also put him in the garbage In the heap, he didn’t even brush his teeth for a year. And they spent Tom’s fortune, and Tom was rescued with a bearded face, smelly hair, and terrible oil.

Disabled Tom, a bright history graduate from a well-to-do family, needs 24-hour medical care because he has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, according to The Guardian and The Sun. Escort care, but his wife Sarah and male caregiver George (George Webb) see him as a cash cow, spending his fortune on designer bags, DJ equipment, and keeping Tom in bed 90% of the time, only once a week. One bath is allowed.

Tom met his wife Sarah through a friend in 2008 and moved into the current residence in 2010. Social services pay for 24 hours of nursing care every week, while the caretaker George started as Tom’s personal care in 2016, 3 people share the house. “I only sleep 3 hours out of 4 hours a night. This is because I was too afraid to sleep in those 4 years, and I didn’t feel safe.” Tom, who was rescued, pointed out that Sarah and Xiao Wang nursed George every weekend. Vacations left him to fend for himself inside the house, the most exaggerated one being when the two of them were away for 5 weeks, subsisting on a single pumpkin.

It is reported that Xiao Wang’s nurse, George, also sent a text message to Sarah complaining, “Don’t give that idiot food, or he will just shit”, and Sarah replied, “Remember, we still have to use him, and the idiot’s subsidy is fast.” down.” Lawyers for the defense had refuted the allegation of “enslaving others,” and the judge said there were good reasons to prove that Tom was being held like an animal. In the end, George was convicted of torture and battery, and Sarah was sentenced for aiding and abetting.

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