Academics Suggest Sports and Tourism Become One Ministry – 2024-03-09 19:20:40

One of the racers in the 2024 F1 Powerboat World Championship on Lake Toba(Antara)

COLLABORATION of sports and tourism in the Jokowi Government is considered successful. Several international sporting activities are considered capable of boosting Indonesian tourism.

Some of them, namely MotoGP, F1 Powerboat, and the U-17 World Cup are able to increase foreign exchange for the country. Not only that, the community can make a profit from this event.

This was stated by a researcher at the Public Administration and Policy Laboratory (FISIP) at the University of Lampung, Dodi Faedlulloh. He sees this success as an encouragement for sustainability for the next government to connect two different institutions, namely sports and tourism.

“By holding sports agendas, cultural festivals and tourism, Indonesia can attract a global audience, improve the economy and of course international orientation,” said Dodi in a press release, Wednesday (6/3).

Dodi sees that through this good collaboration, the government should make strategic and proactive policies by transforming government institutions, one of which is daring to make sports and tourism a public agenda in its own ministry.

“The President-elect deserves to consider this idea, because the relationship between sports and tourism has now developed much over time. Globalization factors also play an important role in the development of sports tourism,” he explained.

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Including bureaucratic reform, this effort is a form of streamlining government functions. This is because combining administrative and financial resources in one ministry allows the creation of a more efficient governance model.

Thus, redundancy and encouraging development strategies in the fields of sports and tourism. Programs that previously ran in parallel can now be integrated by inviting community participation.

“Young people, as stakeholders from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, can be embraced and empowered in the sports and tourism industry in the future,” he added.

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Because, explained Dodi, through dynamic energy and innovative ideas they can contribute to the development of sports and tourism so that they can open up employment opportunities for the younger generation and increase economic growth.

So far, Dodi sees that countries in Spain, Croatia, Thailand, including South Korea have succeeded in combining their sports and tourism ministries. These countries are fully aware of the link between sport and tourism and the combined potential of the two to encourage economic growth, cultural exchange and national branding.

“The integration of sports and tourism in government structures can improve policy making and strategic planning to utilize the benefits of both sectors effectively. Our government can learn from this international best practice,” he concluded. (Z-7)

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