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According to the data of EL.STAT., the General Index of Input Prices in Agriculture – Livestock decreased by 3.9% on an annual basis against a 19.4% increase recorded when comparing December 2022 with December 2021.

In detail, the prices of fertilizers fell in December by 16.2%, animal feed by 8.6% and energy by 6.4%. In consumables, the prices of seeds (+0.3%), the costs for the repair of mechanical equipment and building facilities (+1.1% and +1.9% respectively) showed a marginal increase.

However, despite the average reduction in production costs, producer prices for agricultural products continued to rise. According to EL.STAT data, the General Output Price Index in Agriculture – Livestock (without subsidies) showed in December 2023 an increase of 6.4% on an annual basis from 19.1% in December 2021-2022.

In detail, the price that producers sell olive oil jumped by 83.8%, followed by vegetables and horticulture by 18.7%, fruit by 11%, wine by 7.2%, livestock plants by 4.7 % and potatoes and seeds with 1.4%. On the contrary, cereals and seeds showed a large decrease with -28.6% and industrial plants with -17.5%.

Meat prices also moved up by 7.9%, while animal products recorded a marginal drop of 0.3%.

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