Action: Unveiling the Secrets of Its Success – 60 Million Consumers Expose the Tactics That Make Action the Most Popular Brand in France

2023-08-12 20:27:43

© 60 million consumers reveal all the secrets of the success of the Action brand!

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During this period of inflation, consumers are only looking for bargains to save money. In this context, Action presents itself as the essential store. Moreover, the Dutch firm has become the favorite brand of the French today. Thus, 60 million consumers wanted to reveal the reasons for this success.

Action: The most popular brand in France!

In recent years, Action has continued to expand its reputation among French consumers. Besides, NielsenIQ identified 8.1 million households shopping at the Dutch brand this year. This is an increase of 1.2 million compared to 2022.

Thus, Action holds the record among the major retailers in France. Moreover, we must not forget that the period of inflation is still continuing. You have to believe that the Dutch brand has become the best place to save money.

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For your information, Action inaugurated a new store at the end of 2022 in the North West. It is a center of 55,000 m² in area. Currently, the brand has 700 points of sale scattered throughout France according to 60 Million consumers.

Of course, Action applies effective strategies to maintain its success. According to the brand, all products over 20 euros must be validated by the general management.

The reasons for the brand’s success!

The least we can say is that several reasons can convince consumers to go to Action. First of all there are the attractive prices. Alongside that, there is also its multitude of product lines.

To confirm this, it should be noted that 1500 products cost less than 1 euro at Action. It is on this concept that the journalist specializing in mass distribution Olivier Dauvers confided recently.

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According to the journalist: “The units of need are determined in advance and always filled by different suppliers”. This is not the case in other low-cost brands. Contrary to the concept of Action, the latter change their products according to the destocking opportunities.

Besides, Action also has other methods to offer very attractive prices. This is what 60 Million consumers mentioned recently.

Action: How does it lower the price?

Action allows itself to offer low prices because it uses several levers to save money. According to 60 Million consumers, it starts with their delivery trucks. The latter have a double bridge. This allows them to transport more than 60% more goods than a conventional truck. Moreover, this same truck is capable of delivering to three stores. In addition to this, the Dutch brand is also reducing its communication budget.

According to 60 Million drinks, Action derives its strength from its arrivals every Wednesday. Alongside this, the brand promotes consumers’ favorite brands. For your information, 150 to 200 new products arrive in its stores every week. To ensure this, the discounter works with 400 big names such as Haribo, Bic and Le Petit Marseillais. In other words, we can speak of a parallel import.

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