Active storage to keep planes on the ground “in good shape”

Once put to rest, planes are subject to numerous maintenance operations.

At the start of 2021, a third of the world fleet, made up of some 23,000 aircraft, was still grounded for lack of activity. With the recent decisions of several large regions, such as the European Union, to close their external borders, air traffic will once again decrease. And the number of unused devices increase. Once put to rest, these planes are subject to maintenance operations which are standardized by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the FAA, its American counterpart. But also by Airbus and Boeing, in order to keep them “in good shape” while awaiting their return to flight.

Maintenance operations

Three scenarios are possible for airplanes which are no longer in use. The first is to take the planes out of the fleets, which will no longer fly. These are old and fuel-hungry devices. Air France has removed from its fleet thirteen planes, four Airbus A340s and nine A380s, which are either returned to their lessor or stored with a specialist.

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