Activision Blizzard Acquisition by Microsoft: Shareholders Approve

There are still some obstacles that Microsoft has to clear in order to Acquiring Activision Blizzard. Die Activision Blizzard shareholders held a special meeting to vote on the acquisition of Microsoft. The result could hardly be clearer: 98% of shareholders approvedhow Business Wire reported.

Why did shareholders so overwhelmingly approve of the deal? Activision Blizzard stock is currently trading at around $76 (at the time of writing). Shareholders will receive $95 per share from Microsoft. The deal looks set to close by the end of Microsoft’s fiscal year in June 2023. But the next hurdles are yet to come.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation is ongoing. This organization from the USA checks whether there is no threat to consumers or the video game market after the takeover. After all, a “monopoly” could soon form. Several influential organizations have already intervened with the FTC, so the nearly $70 billion Microsoft takeover is far from over!

Activision Blizzard lost revenue and players

The last few months have been anything but rosy for the US video game publisher. Activision Blizzard lost players and of course sales. Compared to the previous year, sales in the last quarter fell by 28.32 percent. More than half a billion dollars in numbers. Sales of 1.48 billion US dollars were achieved, at least 1.82 billion US dollars were expected – ie 400 million US dollars less.

It remains to be seen how Microsoft will “save” the ailing publisher. After all, the deal is not yet sealed. Microsoft hopes that on June 30, 2023, the Activision-Blizzard deal will be completed. Before that, however, it is the authorities’ turn.

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