Actress Siskaeee’s Debut Film ‘Keramat Tunggak’ Takes the Internet by Storm

2023-09-12 05:25:00


In an interview with detikcom, Sunday (23/4/2023), Siskaeeee once said he was trying his luck. The new fortune in the field this time is acting.

Siskaeeee try with the film title Keramat Tunggak. In his narrative, Siskaeee is very optimistic that his debut film will be something different.

He also admitted that he had received a positive response since this film was launched. As a result, the web server went down.

“I’m optimistic that it will definitely explode. It’s been proven that the web server will have an error,” he concluded.

In this first film, Siskaeee plays a commercial sex worker who wants to repent.

“My story there was that I was a prostitute who received guidance, wanted to repent, but had many obstacles in life,” said Siskaeee.

Siskaeeee said this was his first foray into the world of acting. He admitted that he wanted to experience something different in this horror genre film.

“I want to try something new in the world of acting,” he explained again.

Siskaeee admitted that acting in a film requires extra energy. Because for him, acting is quite tiring.

Even so, he was also happy because he was able to gain lots of new experiences from his opponents and the people behind the scenes.

“It turns out that playing a film is fun, even though it’s tired,” said Siskaeee.

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