Adam Warlock will have an important role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

There are only a few days until the release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. And this Wednesday, the official Twitter account of the game served a sizable aperitif to those who are waiting for the game. With a very – very! – short teaser video, Square Enix has indeed formalized the presence of Adam Warlock in the title.

And added following a question from an Internet user: yes, the character will have a “key role” within the adventure. However, no other information is yet official about the Mage. But he is known to comic book fans to be one of the Guardians’ most powerful allies. Immortal and able to fly and manipulate cosmic energy, this superhuman being is never to be taken lightly. The studio also leaves doubt as to its allegiance in the game.

Chance, or perhaps not, of the calendar, the announcement falls just after that of the actor who will play the character in the cinema. Adam Warlock is indeed expected in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 at the cinema in 2023. It is the actor Will Poulter, seen in the sagas The world of Narnia and The labyrinth, but also in performance capture in The Dark Pictures Anthology : Little Hope, which will lend him his features. Just like between the previous title of Crystal Dynamics Marvel’s Avengers and existing MCU films, however, there shouldn’t be a direct connection between these two stories.

We will therefore have to wait for the arrival of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy October 26 for more information. The game is available for pre-order in physical versions in stores sur Xbox Series X|S Where on PC. You can also find it on the Microsoft Store dematerialized versions for consoles, the PC version being distributed on Steam.

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