Addressing the Measles Epidemic in Romania: Vaccination Campaigns and Public Awareness Initiatives

2023-12-06 18:51:16

The Romanian Ministry of Health revealed the spread of a nationwide measles epidemic on Tuesday, after nearly 2,000 new cases were recorded in 29 out of 41 provinces.
Officials stated that this will help boost vaccination rates among at-risk children.
The Ministry identified children aged 9 to 11 months, as well as those who have not completed the vaccination schedule, as the main targets of the immunization campaign, and pledged to conduct a public awareness campaign to address the current crisis.

In a statement, officials expressed deep regret at the decline in vaccination rates in Romania over the past decade, as it was reported that 78% of eligible children received one dose against measles, while only 62% received two doses of the vaccine.
Health Minister Alexandro Ravila said that a 95% coverage campaign is considered sufficient to keep the risk of the disease outbreak under control. He added that measles vaccination is included in the national immunization schedule for children, and the first dose is usually given to one-year-old children. During a declared epidemic, young children can also be vaccinated, to protect them from infection.
It is noteworthy that measles is a severe viral infection that is transmitted through the air and can cause serious harm to patients who develop complications. Children are most at risk of contracting the disease, according to the World Health Organization.

Vaccines have been available since the 1960s and are considered safe and effective in preventing infection.
Measles often begins with the appearance of a simple to moderate fever accompanied by other symptoms such as: a persistent cough, cold, irritation and redness in the eyes, and sore throat. After two or three days, Koplik’s spots begin to appear, which is the most obvious sign of measles.

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