Admittedly Married Again, Meggy Wulandari Reveals the Figure of Her Sir’s Husband

Meggy Wulandari. Photo: Instagram, JAKARTAMeggy Wulandari did not deny that he had remarried after divorcing from the Regional Office. This was conveyed by Meggy when she was a guest star at the Brownis event, Tuesday (22/9).

“Alhamdulillah (married again),” replied Meggy.

Regarding the assumption that she was only divorced for a month and then remarried, Meggy confirmed that she had passed her ideal period and was not given a living, both physically and mentally.

Before remarrying, the mother of three also consulted her teacher who understood more about religion.

“I was bullied by Mas Kiwil. Not many people know when, it was April and I just remarried religiously last September, the one who married me was also not an arbitrary person, in the sense that it is those who understand religion,” explained Meggy.

Then who is the figure of her new husband?

Unfortunately Meggy didn’t want to mention the name of her sirinya husband. She only said that her current husband was a businessman and had been married.

“A widower with two children, from Makassar,” said Meggy.(chi / jpnn)

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