After Aaron Yan sent the TSMC telegram, thousands of people laughed to death: He is indeed a master of plate manipulation | Entertainment | CTWANT

After Aaron Yan posted the TSMC article, there was an earthquake. (Photo/Photographed by Aaron Yan Facebook)

“Sacred Mountain of Protecting the Nation” TSMC recently held a relocation ceremony for the US factory, which has aroused the attention of the outside world, and everyone is also worried about whether the technology will be outflowed due to this. In this regard, artist Aaron Yan posted an article late at night, expressing his views on TSMC. Unexpectedly, there was an earthquake immediately after posting the article, causing netizens to call out, “This one responds to every call, and it is indeed a master of plate manipulation.”

Aaron Yan on the 8thFacebookThe article said, “My cousin works in tsmc, so I have always been familiar with it, especially in recent years, the chip is regarded as an important key to the future AI field, let me track its related news more deeply in the past two years; other The enterprise’s vision, sustainability, and spirit of constantly challenging the limits are fascinating.” Aaron Yan said that he has been paying attention to TSMC’s trends and news. The conditions and content are pure joy and pride under the circumstances of high-profile and courteous reception.”

Aaron Yan said that TSMC’s industrial chain needs to cultivate the competitiveness and correctness rate of upstream and downstream manufacturers for a long time. The degree of precision is indispensable. This huge and unshakable mutual trust industry chain is worthy of pure pride for everyone. It is very common for high-tech industries to set up factories in various countries. Just look at ASML’s establishment of factories in Taiwan and you will understand. We don’t need to worry at all, not to mention that the most important machine for the foundry is right next to tsmc, and the three-nanometer extreme ultraviolet light machine was also manufactured by tsmc investing in Asmore, what a wonderful cycle.”

At the end of the article, Aaron Yan said, “Actually, you can read more relevant reports. You will be deeply attracted by these high technologies, and look forward to how amazing it will be for us to enter the world of unmanned driving and AI smart homes in the near future. Inspiring stuff! Appreciate what we have.”

Unexpectedly, 10 minutes after Aaron Yan finished posting the article, an earthquake occurred. Aaron Yan posted a post saying, “Okay, after posting the TSMC article, there will be an earthquake.” After this article was exposed, more than 13,000 netizens liked it. Arrived”, “Sure enough, you are an artist who lives on Facebook”, “I only have feelings for you”, “This one is very responsive, you are indeed a master of plate manipulation”.

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